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Do you want to demonstrate that laws, regulations and other rules can indeed by visualized for better understanding and greater acceptance? Do you have the right attitude to work with a start-up company? Are you a recognized expert in a particular area of law, regulation and court decisions? Do you fully identify with our mission and would like to make your own contribution towards bringing rules to life? Are you as skilled in the graphical arts as you are with letters? Do you fully identify with our mission? If you have been answering these questions with yes, we would like to meet you.


Gravel and Scale
We are not omniscient, even if we would like to be. Particular bodies of law and regulation can be so vast and complicated that we loop in outside experts to help us understand all the small but still important details and interrelations. Cooperating in producing a specific visualization will be compensated with a fixed annual royalty for the entire shelf-life of that particular product.


We take great pride in the clarity of our visualizations. To transform verbose text into intuitive visualizations is a rare skill, which we aim to master ever better with every product we bring to the market. We take great pride in the simplicity of our visualizations and admire illustrators, who show talent in abstracting the complex through the skillful use of visuals, sound and movement. Significant contributions will be acknowledged with annual royalties for the entire shelf-life of a visualization.


Visualizations are better absorbed if accompanied by a great narration. If your voice makes a great impression, and if you have been a voice talent for many years, why not narrate something as unusual as visualizations of laws, regulations and other rules. Annual royalties for the entire shelf-life of the narrated presentation or animation will be given.


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