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We do our magic for a wide variety of customers. Governments comes to us to visualize and animate their major bodies of legislation for domestic audiences or for foreign investors. Private companies order graphical representations of their critical internal staff directives to ensure compliance with regulations. Foundations and international development organizations commission visualizations of laws and public ordinances to promote economic development, to strengthen political institutions or to prevent civil conflicts.


 US Capitol
We help governments at all levels in English and German-speaking countries to transform legislation and regulation into engaging visualizations. Examples are: A short introductory movie on changes to trade promotion legislation presented to foreign trade corporations and investors to further boost exports and direct foreign investments. A financial regulatory agency ensuring uniform compliance of financial intermediaries to new complex market regulations by accompanying the legal text with an illustrated guide. A narrated presentation published by the European Commission on its Web site explaining a revised EU Directive.


Wall Street
We attend to corporations worldwide in communicating corporate rules and business practices to their staff and to their business partners. Examples are: Supplementing an internal directives with custom-made infographics. A step-by-step narrated presentation of corporate rules with a short quiz to test whether staff understand them. Visualizing complex business processes as a flow chart. Distributing an illustrated pamphlet on the corporate mission statement and ethics.


United Nations
We work with United Nations organisations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the EBRD and other regional development banks, the African Union and other political and economic country groups, and many other multilateral institutions to convincingly engage the political leadership, economic actors and civil society of their member countries. Examples are: Production of a full suite of public broadcasts, posters and flyers showing how to minimize the risks of malaria. An interactive course on project due diligence published by an regional development bank. An illustrated booklet on women's rights distributed through the various social networks.


We support charitable foundations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in their efforts to promote good public governance and the public understanding of laws. Examples are: Explaining a new national constitution via public service announcements and infographics. Visualizing legislation in a multilingual country. Illustrating the procedures and timelines associated with a public service.


We produce animations for public service broadcasts and infographics for media companies. Examples are: Animated graphics with narration for a TV election show on the parliamentary electoral process and on the allocation of representatives and senators from each electoral district. Infographics for a newspaper publisher on the code of criminal procedure to accompany a high-profile criminal case.

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