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Laws, regulation, court decisions, directives, norms and other types of rules presented as verbose text are decidely boring and don't inspire and motivate people to know and accept. Let your rules come to life by visualizing them. The subject, context and target audience will determine the format of the visualization. We can produce all: from Web-based narrated presentations, scalable infographics, inspiring animations suitable for broadcasting to illustrated short guides.


Our presentations use the full range of visual cues to explain complex laws, regulations, directive and other rules. The presentations are self-powered, can be narrated and can incorporate short quizzes and other interactive elements. The presentations are made available through our servers or can be integrated into your public Web site or in-house intranet.


Our infographics condense the key aspects of a law, regulation, directive or other rule as diagrams, charts and other graphics intuitively understood without the need of extensive explanatory texts. Infographics can be rescaled to a variety of sizes to be reused in various online platforms and paper publications.


Our animations use people and objects in combination with movements and sounds to bring laws, regulations, directives and other rules to life. The human mind is animated through all our senses, making a memorable impression of the rules introduced. Our animations play not only on the Web but also as TV broadcasts to reach the widest possible audience.


Short Guide
Our short guides on laws, regulations, directives and other rules are profusely illustrated, minimizing the need to read. We offer white-labeling whereby we will publish the short guide under your corporate identity. Short guides remain available for review and reference and, hence, are a great medium to keep important rules in direct view of your audience.


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