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Our mission is to make laws, regulations, court decisions, directives, norms and all other types of rules more user-friendly. We do this through visualizations and in many other creative ways. We transform text as the dominant form for laws, regulations and other rules into animated features, narrated presentations, public service broadcasts, view books and other visual media. We are an unusual but happy mix of legal experts with graphical artists.


The Premises:

Our Responses:

Most rules are neither fully understood nor truly accepted.

We provide rule-makers with the means to proactively and attractively market their rules to any target audience.

Mission premise 1 Huge efforts are made to make rules. Until a law is promulgated it goes through several stages of revision within the public bureaucracy and debated in legislature before finally emerging as a finished product. This time-consuming and costly process of rule-making contrasts with the little to no effort made for actually transmitting the new rules to those, who are subject to them. Rules, which are neither understood, accepted or obeyed, result in higher than necessary enforcement costs. A little additional effort in supplementing rule-making with rule-marketing will make everybody better off.


The written word is not the most effective means for transmitting complex rules.

We employ the entire range of visual symbols to make the complex more easily understandable.

Mission premise 2

Humans are visual and symbol-oriented. Visual cues are all around us. Some symbols delight us, others warn of impending danger. A well-designed symbol is universally understood and can transmit information that would otherwise have been a verbose text. Language itself is a symbolic system of communication preceding the invention of the first writing systems in the early Bronze Age. People will not pick up rules if they don't enjoying doing so. Make your rules more interesting. Make them easier to remember, and even the most complex rules will be interesting to discover and learn.


Rules are too numerous and complex.

We condense complex rules down to those aspects which really matter.

Mission premise 3 A huge body of laws, regulations and other rules guide people and businesses. The pile just seems to get ever larger as new rules are continuously added and existing rules rarely removed. You got probably better things to attend to than read hundreds of pages. There's a better way to present rules: Visualize and, as a positive side effect, abstract them. Cut through the verbose and get directly to those aspects which matter.


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